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Development Support Program

Currently, under the Honorary Citizenship Act [CAP 112] of Vanuatu, honorary citizenship can be obtained by a donation through the Development Support Program.

On January 1, 2017, Regulation Order No. 215 and 216 of 2016 came into force which grants, under the Development Support Program, honorary citizenship to foreigners who make certain economic contributions to the Government.

A Vanuatu passport grants citizens visa-free access to 125 countries worldwide, including the UK, the whole of Europe, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The Development Support Program replaces the former Economic Citizenship Program, the Vanuatu Economic Rehabilitation Program (VERP), which was established in 2015 to raise funds to mitigate damage to the infrastructure and houses made by Tropical Cyclone Pam.


Non-refundable contribution to the Government of Vanuatu

Costs of the program are as follows:

- US$160,000 for a single applicant
- US$185,000 for a married couple
- US$200,000 for a married couple and one child
- US$220,000 for a married couple and two children
+ US$25,000 for each additional dependent
+$5,000 for the FIU due diligence fee for each applicant

Amounts include VIPA fees, processing fees, passport fees, and agent handling charges. Contributions can be made in USD or EUR.


- Main applicant must be 18 years old or older.
- Proof of the ownership of assets with a minimum total value of $450,000, in established businesses, real estate, shares, bank deposits, among others.
- Main applicant and dependents do not suffer contagious diseases and/or serious health problems.
- Clean Criminal Record.
- Not to be subject of a criminal investigation.
- Not to be considered a potential national security risk.
- Not to be involved in any activity likely to cause disrepute to Vanuatu.

Restricted Nationalities

No nationality is officially restricted

dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is recognized in Vanuatu. You are not required to renounce your previous nationality to become a citizen of Vanuatu.

Documents Required

  • Proof of net wealth
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Certified copy of ID Card
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original or Certified copy of Birth Certificate (if applicable)
  • Original Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Employment letter
  • Professional and academic certificates (if applicable)
  • Original Bank Reference Letter (Not older than 6 month)
  • Original Professional Reference Letter (Not older than 6 month)
  • Official transcripts of written confirmation from a recognized education center (dependents over 18)
  • Six passport-size photos
  • Proof of payment of nonrefundable processing and due diligence fees
  • Investment Confirmation / Escrow agreement
  • dual citizenship Yes
  • Family members included Yes
  • land ownership No
  • Physical residence required No
  • Personal visit required No
  • Language skills required No
  • Interview required No
  • Investment Single $135,000
  • Investment Family 4 $180,000
  • Minimum annual income -
  • Time to citizenship 3
  • Time to permanent residency
  • Visa-free countries 76
  • Financing available No

Country details

Port Vila
, English, French (Standard)
The Republic of Vanuatu is a former English-French protectorate, made up of a stunning archipelago of 83 islands of volcanic origin surrounded by coral reefs, covering more than 12,000 sq. km of the South Pacific Ocean.

It's located 1750 km from Australia, 500 km northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji and south of the Solomon Islands, near New Guinea. The islands have a population of 267,000 inhabitants. Its capital, most populated city and economic and commercial center is Port Vila, located in Efate Island (the third largest of the archipelago), which has the most important port and airport of the country.

Its official languages are Bislama, French and English. Its official currency is the Vanuatu Vatu (VUV).

Visa Free Travel

With your new passport from Vanuatu you'll be able to access 76 countries visa free


The income of Vanuatu citizens or residents is free of any kind of local taxes, whether the income is remitted or not. Vanuatu is a low tax and offshore jurisdiction free from personal income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and wealth tax.

Lands in Vanuatu are not freehold. Properties can be leased for up to 50 years for residential lots and 75 for commercial ones. Land lease is subject to a 2% registration fee and 5% stamp duty on the unimproved capital value.

Value-added tax (VAT) in Vanuatu is 12.5%.

Regarding corporate taxation, companies incorporated in Vanuatu are free from income taxes, dividend distribution taxes, capital gains taxes and withholding taxes.

Companies incorporated under the Companies Act are entitled to do business within the country. Those incorporated under the International Companies Act may have restrictions to do business with residents, but may benefit from confidentiality, no filling requirements and may be guaranteed for a full tax exemption for 20 years.

Learn more about corporate taxation, legal framework and tax treaties at incorporations.io/vanuatu.

This should not be construed as tax advice. We have access to a global network of qualified attorneys and accountants who can give you the proper advice for your particular circumstances. Contact us for further information.

  • Property tax Yes
  • Transfer tax Yes
  • Inheritance tax No
  • Net worth tax No
  • CFC law No
  • Tax residency days 183
  • Personal income tax rate 0%
  • Capital Gains tax rate 0%
  • Investment income tax rate 0%
  • Territorial taxation Yes

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